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Target: Men
Set contents: Body, box, instruction manual, warranty card are included in the instruction manual
Reinforced waterproof for daily life: 20BAR
Country of origin: Japan
Impact resistant structure
Quad sensor (atmospheric pressure, water pressure, magnetism, temperature)
Brand description: G-SHOCK has built a new concept of toughness in watches

It all started with a developer's conviction to create a watch that would not break even if dropped, and a reckless challenge that overturned common sense at the time.

Over 200 prototypes have been repeated, and about two years have been spent, and the shock-resistant structure has been completed.

Is the birth of technology that plays a central role in toughness.

Since then, G-SHOCK has continued to evolve endlessly

Structure, material, function

Pursuing further toughness in every aspect

The master of G `` Gulf Master '', which is one of the harshest natural environments on the planet, is expected to be used at sea, and will be the first of G-SHOCK's four sensors, making a major evolution.

The coast guard (coast guard) etc. has a function that can grasp the situation of the sea that changes every moment assuming the scene of security and rescue activities on rough seas

G-SHOCK's analog model is the first water depth sensor installed, barometric pressure sensor for predicting sudden weather changes, temperature sensor for reading changes in temperature and water temperature, direction sensor for checking wind direction and tide direction Equipped with

The compass has an automatic horizontal correction function that can detect the tilt of the clock and correct the tilt to measure it.

In addition, information such as rapid pressure changes and tide graphs showing low tide and high tide are displayed on the dial at 5 o'clock.

Various information can be easily checked with a retrograde display using a dual coil motor.

It is possible to grasp the state of the sea in real time in scenes that compete for a moment in a changing natural environment.

In pursuit of further toughness, a new carbon fiber reinforced resin case with excellent rigidity is adopted.

The button part is equipped with a highly durable metal pipe and triple O-rings to increase waterproofness.

In addition, soft urethane is used for the buffer cover and band on the back, realizing high wearability.

Introducing the Gulf Master, an inevitable function evolution to challenge the limit of the sea

・ Shock-resistant structure
・ Tough solar (solar charging system)
・ 20 ATM water resistant function
・ Radio wave reception function:
・ Automatic reception (maximum 6 times / day) (China radio wave is maximum 5 times / day) / manual reception) If the setting is set to a receivable city, stations that match the city will be received.

The time difference is set by the selected city.

・ Automatic hand position correction function
・ World time: 48 cities (31 time zones, with daylight saving time setting function) + UTC (universal coordinated time) time display, UTC direct call function, home time city replacement function
・ Water depth measurement function ・Measurement range: 0 to 50m, 0.1m unitAuto memory (starts and ends measurement at 1.0m, memorizes maximum water depth and time), manual memory, direction measurement function, 16 directions, direction angle (0 to 359 °
・ Directional continuous measurement (60 seconds)
・ Graphic display of east, west, south, and north
・ Magnetic declination correction function
・ Direction correction function
・ Automatic horizontal correction function
・ Barometric pressure measurement function
・ Measurement range: 260 to 1,100 hPa
・ Pressure trend graph ( (Previous 5 hours (every 30 minutes) and 20 hours (every 2 hours) are displayed)
・ Barometric pressure difference indicator (±
10 hPa)
・ Barometric pressure trend information alarm (When a characteristic change in atmospheric pressure occurs, an arrow and a report sound It will be announced)
・ Altitude measurement function / relative altimeter
・ Measurement range: -700 to 10,000m
・ Altitude trend graph
・ Altitude difference indicator (±
100m / ±
・ Measurement interval setting function (every 5 seconds / 2 minutes) * First 3 minutes Only 1 second
・ Temperature measurement function (Measurement range: -10 ~ 60 ℃)
・ Recall (manual memory of altitude, barometric pressure, temperature, direction, water depth, time stamp, water depth auto memory up to 40)
・ Tide graph
・ Moon data (only for ages)
・ Display of sunrise / sunset time
・ Stopwatch (1/100 second, 24 hours total)
・ Timer (set unit: 1 minute, maximum set: 60 minutes, measured in 1 second units)
・ Five time alarms
・ Time signal
・ Time stamp function
・ Hand retract function (manual, automatic (deep, altitude, atmospheric pressure, temperature measurement)
・ Battery indicator display
・ Power saving function (In the dark, when a certain time has elapsed, the display is turned off and the hand movement is stopped to save power)
・ Full auto calendar
・ 12 / 24-hour system display switching
・ Operation sound ON / OFF switching function
・ Full auto double super illuminator: LED light for dial (afterglow function, afterglow time switching (1.5 seconds / 3 seconds) included ), LED backlight for LCD (with afterglow function, afterglow time switching (1.5 sec / 3 sec))
・ Driving time without solar power generation from full charge: When using the function / approx. 6 months, when using power saving / approx. 21 months * When radio wave reception is not performed, normal quartz accuracy (average month (Difference ±
15 seconds)

* The altimeter is a relative altimeter that converts barometric pressure changes to high altitude.

When the atmospheric pressure changes due to a natural phenomenon, the altitude of the measured value also changes.

Model Number: GWN-Q1000-1AJF






★★★★★ Quad sensor as imaged
投稿日 : 2019年10月16日 星期三

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Quad sensor as imaged
How nice! I also like the body. However, there are too many functions, and it seems to be troublesome to learn the operation before using it.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review


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★★★★★ Master of G
投稿日 : 2019年9月9日 星期一

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Master of G
As expected, G-SHOCK master of G! It ’s great, it ’s full of features.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review


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★★★★★ Comparison with conventional model triple sensor 1000
投稿日 : 2019年8月5日 星期一

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Comparison with conventional model triple sensor 1000
I have been using a conventional triple sensor model since its release, so I will review the comparison with that. Gulfmaster's latest high-end model looks and feels even more multifunctional. Is it the first difference that is equipped with a water pressure sensor and sapphire glass? I feel that the accuracy of conventional instruments such as atmospheric pressure has improved slightly, but I feel that it is not a replacement level. The size has also increased slightly as shown below. Case length 5.2cm → 5.7cm Weight 100g → 113g Thickness 16.2mm → 17mm Weight is not worrisome because I used a conventional model, but I felt some size and thickness. If you can wear it on a wet suit, there is no problem, but in long-sleeved shirts and other casual clothes, the sleeve will get caught. It is recommended to try on whether it fits your arm from the thickness and size. If you use it actively at sea, it's an ant, but otherwise it may be recommended that the traditional triple sensor model take into account the price. Whether you like design and coloring. This may be the most important thing in choosing G-SHOCK. Because it is thick, I'm happy to sapphire glass because it hits, but considering the price difference, I wanted to replace it at the actual sales level of 50,000 yen at least. If you try on new users, you can use them as much as you can.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

トリプルセンサーの従来モデルを発売から使ってましたので、それとの比較を中心にレビューします。ガルフマスターの最新上位モデルで見た目はスッキリした印象ながら更に多機能に。水圧センサー搭載、サファイアガラス搭載しているのが1番の違いでしょうか。気圧など従来の計器類の精度に関しても良くなった若干良くなってるような気もしますが、買換えレベルではないと感じます。大きさも下のように若干アップしています。ケース経5.2cm →5.7cm重さ100g →113g厚さ16.2mm →17mm重さは従来モデルを使用していたので気になりませんが、大きさ厚みは若干感じましたね。ウェットスーツの上に着けるなら問題ないですが、長袖シャツなど私服では袖にひっかかります。厚みと大きさから自分の腕に合うかを試着することをお勧めします。海で積極的に使うならアリですが、それ以外は従来のトリプルセンサーモデルが価格を加味するとおすすめかもしれません。あとはデザイン、カラーリングが好きかどうか。G-SHOCK選びで何気にこれが1番重要かもしれません。厚いため、ぶつけたりするのでサファイアガラス搭載は嬉しいですが、価格差を考えると、、、買換えの自分は、せめて実売5万円台にしてほしかったです。新規ユーザーは試着して合うならガンガン使い倒せるので買って損なしと思います。

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★★★★★ Very satisfied
投稿日 : 2019年6月15日 星期六

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Very satisfied
It ’s really cool. I am very happy with the G shock of adults without being too flashy.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review


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★★★★★ The long hand stopped working in 15 days beyond the 30-day return and exchange guarantee.
投稿日 : 2019年6月9日 星期日

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The long hand stopped working in 15 days beyond the 30-day return and exchange guarantee.
I have been using Protrek for about 8 years and wanted to buy a Gulf Master that can be used at sea. The design function was used every day without complaining, but the other day suddenly the long hand suddenly stopped working. It is disappointing that it will not work immediately after exceeding the 30-day free return exchange guarantee. Even though it was expensive, I bought CASIO quality. I'm sorry.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review


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★★★★★ Big
投稿日 : 2019年5月24日 星期五

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It is a little bigger than gwn-1000. The soft urethane on the belt is nice.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review


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★★★★★ Open
投稿日 : 2019年5月15日 星期三

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The function was perfect, but I wanted the case thickness to work a little more.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review


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★★★★★ I licked CASIO.
投稿日 : 2019年4月7日 星期日

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I licked CASIO.
It looks very light and strong. Visibility is very good, and it ’s cool!

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review


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★★★★★ cool~
投稿日 : 2019年2月20日 星期三

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If you are not interested in G-SHOCK, you probably don't know that there is such a rugged and cool G-SHOCK. The other day, I was told by a senior employee of the company, “I have a pretty good watch. Packing was also polite and very good.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review


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★★★★★ First G-SHOCK!
投稿日 : 2019年1月4日 星期五

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First G-SHOCK!
I bought both my retirement celebration and the 60th birthday celebration! Although I went to see the actual product with the intention of buying the Pro Trek 7000, I was attracted by its playful design and tough image as an off-watch. The color of the blue bezel is not Tecateka but the texture is better than seen in the photo. I was at a loss for the price difference with the low-end model GWN-1000B, but as a result of comparing the sapphire glass, screwed crown, night lighting visibility, etc., I was a little inspired to use it for a long time! Satisfaction is high with the latest quad sensor Gulf Master! From next spring, I will be working on a ship at sea, so I am confident that it will be active in tough specifications!

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review
初めてのG-SHOCK !


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