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★★★★★ Practical!
投稿日 : 2019年10月26日 星期六

Google Translation Translated by Google Practical!
I have always been using CASIO watches for a long time, but I was looking for a cheap and radio-controlled analog type. In addition to satisfying that hope, this watch has a cool design to say that the board is easy to see! The matching of analog and digital was attracted to visuals with sufficient balance and exquisite balance. I think that this is an excellent watch, and it is a product that you can buy without loss!
Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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★★★★★ Purchase as a present for the husband
投稿日 : 2019年10月24日 星期四

Google Translation Translated by Google Purchase as a present for the husband
Until now, I used a high-quality watch, but isn't it easy to use radio solar for masters who are bothered by weight and running out of battery? And purchase. Is it safe with Casio's watch? And this when you give a present? It is light, but when I turn my arm at night, the orange light turns on and I can check the time, so I use it without stress. In the summer, the belts were used to make your arms ugly, but now that I'm wearing it loosely, I'm spending no trouble.
Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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★★★★★ Happy with purchase.
投稿日 : 2019年10月21日 星期一

It is a good every-day watch. It functions well and has good eye appeal.

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★★★★★ Does the basics well
投稿日 : 2019年10月4日 星期五

Really useful functions, no worrying about winding or charging, low Casio I’ve found so far

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★★★★★ Look no further
投稿日 : 2019年9月7日 星期六

Distinct design, smart (shape wise), lightweight, accurate and does what it's meant for.

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★★★★★ AAA+
投稿日 : 2019年8月27日 星期二

Great watch that I have ever had

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★★★★★ Great watch for all occasions.
投稿日 : 2019年8月24日 星期六

Like the solar function and lights for use at dark place. The world clock is very useful when travel.

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★★★★★ Excellent comfort
投稿日 : 2019年8月13日 星期二

Google Translation Translated by Google Excellent comfort
Is the number of stars = satisfaction level, does the product match your needs? is. If you are looking for a luxury look for this watch, you will not be satisfied. I recommend a watch that costs 500,000 yen or more. If it doesn't look cheap, CASIO's top lineup is good. The needs that this watch meets are comfort and function. This watch is very satisfying for those who want it. A big factor for comfort is weight. Personally, I think that it is the weight forgetting to wear 50g or less (this product is 45g). The ideal thickness is 10mm or less, but it is slightly thick at 14.5mm. However, since the main body is processed smoothly, the thickness does not feel that much. I don't like metal belts because I don't like the cold winter. For the same reason, the body is made of plastic. I also feel that it is inconvenient for the watch body to shift vertically downward when the metal belt is loosened. When you work with your thumb pointing towards the sky, if the watch body moves to the little finger side, it will be cumbersome and time-consuming to check the time. However, this phenomenon can be reduced. All you need is a rubber belt with a habit. Curved belts like G-Shock belts fit the wrist shape and are less likely to slip. The belt of this product is also not misaligned because it has a curved habit. I couldn't find any other watch that wasn't cold and light, but it was equipped with a nearly perfect function called radio wave solar analogy.
Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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     商品说明 (2,293 characters)
Set contents: Body, box, instruction manual, warranty card are included in the instruction manual
Reinforced waterproof for daily life: 10BAR
Target: Men's product introduction This is a multiband 6 solar radio watch that supports standard radio waves in Japan, China, America and Europe.
The black color of the dial, resin band, and bezel is colored with the orange of the small hand at 9 o'clock.
Furthermore, black IP processing is given to the bezel, and the whole impression is tightened.
World time, time alarm, calendar, etc. are displayed on the top and bottom LCD
Also, the 9 o'clock position hand will indicate which mode you are currently in, so assist you in the operation.

・ Tough solar (solar charging system)
・ 10 standard atmosphere waterproof function
・ Radio wave reception function
・ Automatic reception (up to 6 times / day) (China radio wave up to 5 times / day) / Manual reception When set to a receivable city, you will receive stations that match the city.
The time difference is set by the selected city.

・ World time: 48 cities (29 time zones, daylight saving time setting function) + UTC (universal coordinated time) time display, home time city replacement function
・ Stopwatch (1/100 second, 24 hours total, with split)
・ Timer (set unit: 1 minute, maximum set: 60 minutes, measured in 1 second increments, auto-repeat (8 times))
・ Five time alarms (only one has a snooze function)
・ Time signal
・ Battery indicator display
・ Power saving function (In the dark, the display is turned off to save power)
・ Full auto calendar
・ 12 / 24-hour display switching
・ LED light (full auto light with afterglow function)
・ Driving time without solar power generation from full charge: When using functions / approx. 6 months, when using power saving / approx. 20 months * When radio wave reception is not performed, normal quartz accuracy (average month (Difference ± 15 seconds)
A complete lineup to meet brand introduction needs, CASIO radio clock series WAVE CEPTOR

Model Number: WVA-M650B-1AJF




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