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Set contents: Body, box, instruction manual, warranty card are included in the instruction manual
Reinforced waterproof for daily life: 20BAR
Shock-resistant structure that resists shock and vibration
Carbon core guard structure that protects the module from external impact with a carbon case
Hour and minute hands that overlap the liquid crystal display are temporarily retracted, and a hand retract function that makes the display data easy to read
Double LED light that illuminates the dial and the liquid crystal part (super (Illuminator)
A model based on the theme of sporty fashion from the 90s will appear from the ever-evolving toughness watch G-SHOCK
Based on the original square face DW-5600, DW-5600THS, which uses a cross band, comes with a replacement band with Velcro.
The new digital analog combination model GA-2100THS comes with a replacement band in which blue is the keynote and beautiful tablets and red ring are red.
90 S fashion is the birth of two fashionable and sporty G-SHOCK that matches the trend of today
This is DW-2100THS-1AJR

・ Shock-resistant structure
・ 20 standard atmosphere waterproofing function
・ Needle retraction function (If the needle overlaps the LCD display and is difficult to see, the needle can be temporarily retracted from the LCD display)
World time: 48 cities (31 time zones, with daylight saving time setting function) + UTC (universal coordinated time) time display, home time city replacement function
・ Stopwatch (1/100 second (less than 1 hour) / 1 second (1 hour or more), 24-hour total, with split)
・ Timer (set unit: 1 second, maximum set: 24 hours, measured in 1 second units)
・ Five time alarms
・ Time signal
・ Full auto calendar
・ 12/24 hour display switching
・ Operation sound ON / OFF switching function
・ Double LED light: LED light for dial (with super illuminator, afterglow function, afterglow time switch (1.5 sec / 3 sec)), LED backlight for LCD part (super illuminator, afterglow function, afterglow time switch (1 (5 seconds / 3 seconds))
・ Carbon core guard structure Newly developed “carbon core guard structure” that protects modules with carbon cases
Uses a fine resin containing carbon fiber with high strength, resistance to cracking and excellent weather resistance for the case material
Brand introduction G-SHOCK has built a new concept of toughness on watches
It all started with a developer's passion for creating a watch that would not break even if dropped, and a reckless challenge that overturned the common sense of the time.
Over 200 prototypes have been repeated, and about two years have been spent, and the shock-resistant structure has been completed.
It is the birth of technology to play the core of toughness
Since then, G-SHOCK has continued to evolve endlessly
Structure, material, function
Pursuing further toughness in every aspect

Model Number: GA-2100THS-1AJR






★★★★★ Love it
投稿日 : 2020年2月25日 星期二
Love the pop of color! Very light weight.
The shape of the dial and indices is very cool.

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