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★★★★★ Rechargeable is fine.
投稿日 : 2019年10月26日 星期六

Google Translation Translated by Google Rechargeable is fine.
After changing the model of iPhone, Go Plus became unusable and I decided to purchase it! It fits comfortably in the hands of an adult, but I feel like I'm doing it, and I'm operating it in my pocket! Personally, it reacts well and can be used without problems
Original Japanese review Original Japanese review
iPhoneを機種変してからGo Plusが使えなくなり、購入を決めました!大人の手にすっぽり収まるのですが、やってます感があり、ポケットの中でポチポチ操作してます!私的には、よく反応して問題なく使えています

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★★★★★ Too convenient
投稿日 : 2019年5月27日 星期一

Google Translation Translated by Google Too convenient
It is really convenient because you can concentrate on capturing if you turn the stop here. It is a good product to buy. It looks solid, so is it like a real monster ball? I was wondering.
Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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★★★★★ That was a good purchase! Please see the review if you like
投稿日 : 2019年4月1日 星期一

Google Translation Translated by Google That was a good purchase! Please see the review if you like
The first thing I was interested in was that I wish I had an instruction manual, but I thought that the Internet was the instruction manual as in the current era. I thought it was online that I could see it anytime! The mobile phone is [iPhone 8 Plus]. So far, there are no problems. The merit is that this product was shipped from discovery japan, so I was a little worried, but the packaging was clean and there was no crushing of the box. I set it by referring to the official explanation and watching the video. I was worried about that part because fake products are popular elsewhere. I'm a beginner so I think it's a success this time. When I use it in a car, I may get caught if it is 40 kg or less, but I want to do it safely and enjoyably, so I use it while walking. It's like catching a monster in the center and then catching a stop (still only for some routes). The disadvantage is that you can't use it without charging. It seems that it is okay to replace the battery with Gopura, so it is difficult to understand because the button on the head of the monster ball is flat. However, it seems that some people have devised stickers. If you are worried about buying it, you can use it with a ball until you resell it! Be careful of monster ball consumption! Have a fun Pokemon life
Original Japanese review Original Japanese review
まず最初に気になった点は説明書があったらなと個人的には思いましたが今の時代の流れのようにネットが説明書だなと思いました。いつでも見れるのがネットだと思いました!携帯は 【iPhone8Plus】です。今の所不具合なしメリットはまずこの商品はdiscovery japanから商品発送なので多少心配でしたが梱包も綺麗にされていて、箱などの潰れも一切ありませんでした。公式の説明見たり動画で見たり参考にして設定をしました。他の所で偽物が流行ってるのでその部分で心配しました。初心者なので今回は成功だと思います。使った感じは、車で使用する場合は40キロ以下なら捕まることはありますが、安全に楽しくやりたいので歩きで使ってます。モンスター中心に捕まえてそのあとストップを捉えるような感じです(まだ一部のルートのみ)デメリットとしては、充電をしなければ使えないということですかね。ゴープラだと電池交換でいいみたいなのでその事とモンスターボールの頭の部分のボタンが平らなので分かりにくいです。ただシールなど工夫してる方もいらっしゃるそうです。買う事を悩んでたりする方はゴープラ再販するまではボールでも使えると思います!モンスターボールの消費に気をつけて下さい!楽しくポケモンライフを

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★★★★★ Use in Pokemon GO
投稿日 : 2019年3月31日 星期日

Google Translation Translated by Google Use in Pokemon GO
As an item acquisition at Pokemon GO, I walked around parks and shopping streets on my days off from work, stopped at a Pokestop and rotated. We commute by car for 60km every day, and there are many pocket stops and gyms along the way. In order to rotate these safely and obtain items efficiently, I purchased Monster Ball Plus this time. * As an impression of using the auto function for several days (when commuting by car) (1) Although it depends on the distance to the pocket stop, the item collection rate was about 30% at a vehicle speed of about 40 km and about 70% at a vehicle speed of about 30 km. (2) When Pokemon notification was turned on, Pokemon collection was prioritized at Pokestop, and items could not be collected. ③ Field research was also added when collecting items. ④ Auto collection of Pokemon is quite inefficient. I have posted a screenshot for reference. Please check the compatible model as a point of caution (the smartphone you are using was not compatible) I was able to connect with the iPhone 7 I was using before, so I am using that. Overall, I am satisfied, but since the compatible models are limited, I chose 4.
Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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     商品说明 (2,445 characters)

"Monster Ball Plus" is a device in the shape of a monster ball

Instead of "Joy-Con", you can play as a controller for the Nintendo Switch software "Pocket Monster Let s Go! Pikachu / Let s Go! Evey".

In addition to motion operation, it is equipped with a function that the lamp shines in various colors, vibrates, and makes a sound.

When you get a Pokemon, you can experience the state of the Pokemon moving in the monster ball with vibrations, lamps and sounds, and when the get is successful, you can hear the cry, etc. Pokemon Let s Go! Pikachu / Let s Go! Evey ”is a controller that you can enjoy more.

In addition to its function as a controller, you can put your favorite Pokemon from "Pokemon Let s Go! Pikachu / Let s Go! Evey" into "Monster Ball Plus" and take it out to the real world to play the game. You can spend time with your favorite Pokemon even when you're not, and when you get back into the game, a lot of good things happen.

In addition, "Monster Ball Plus" contains the phantom Pokemon "Mew", and you can take it from "Monster Ball Plus" to "Pokemon Let s Go! Pikachu / Let s Go! Evey".

"Monster Ball Plus" can also be used as "Pokémon GO Plus"

Edition: Limited to Amazon * "Mew" caught by the smartphone app "Pokémon GO" cannot be taken to "Pokemon Let s Go! Pikachu / Let s Go! Evey"

Also, "Mew" in "Monster Ball Plus" cannot be taken to "Pokémon GO".

* You need to connect the Nintendo Switch to the Internet to take it to "Pokemon Let s Go! Pikachu / Let s Go! Evey" for the first time.

(Even if you do not subscribe to "Nintendo Switch Online", you can bring "Mew" with you.) * If you stop receiving "Mew" after a certain period of time after the release of "Monster Ball Plus" There is

[Set Contents]
・ Monster Ball Plus
・ USB Charging Cable
・ Warranty Model: 2200630052785 (C) 2018 Pokémon. (C) 1995-2018 Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc. Pokemon
・ Pokemon
・ Pokémon
・ Monster Ball is Nintendo ・A registered trademark of Creatures Game Freak


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