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Universal design sphygmomanometer that anyone can easily use the correct measurement method
Achieves accurate measurement with movable and automatic wrapping armbands

With elbow stand
With elbow rest
Abnormal measurement notification function: Notification of irregular pulse wave and body movement during measurement
Large LCD for easy viewing
90 x 2 person memory
Item model number: HEM-1000
Display method: Digital display method Product description ・Industry's first movable "armband&quot
and "elbow rest&quot
enable correct measurement posture just by passing the arm ・Physical physique of men and women in their 50s to 60s Human body simulation is performed, and "movable armband&quot
and "elbow rest&quot
are developed based on ergonomics

・Fully automatic "appropriately wrapped arm band&quot
to support various arm thicknesses and shapes
-Equipped with "irregular pulse wave&quot
detection function-Since it is a silent design, it can be used anywhere without hesitation.

・Automatic memory of 90 times of measurement results ・Large LCD screen makes it easy to see and Japanese display switch makes it easy for anyone to use

・With a handle that makes it easy to move the armband

・Compatible with household power supply

・Economical for those who measure daily

・Body mass approx. 1600g (without batteries)
・External dimensions: width 230 x height 217 x depth 228 mm
・Measurable arm circumference Target arm circumference 17 cm to 32 cm
-Accessory trial battery (4 AA alkaline batteries) dedicated AC adapter, instruction manual (with quality guarantee certificate)
・Medical device approval number 21600BZZ00217 Awarded 2004 Good Design Award Winner Producer: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd. Product Business Administration Department Biometrics Division Blood Pressure Monitor Group Leader Kenji Eda Director: Omron Healthcare Corporation Product Business Administration Division Business Promotion Department Design Manager in charge Sadako Koike Designer: Tomoaki Murata, Representative Director, Herds Experimental Design Laboratory Co., Ltd. Judging Committee: Makoto Saito, Katsushi Kunimoto, Rei Kurokawa, Kohei Nishiyama Home-use blood pressure monitor with universal design designed based on ergonomics

The industry's first movable front armband and elbow rest are used to promote a correct measurement posture just by inserting the arm.

In addition, our unique fully automatic wrapping armband realizes even pressure by sensing and controlling two air bags according to the thickness and shape of the arm.

In addition, it is equipped with "irregular pulse wave&quot
and "body movement during measurement&quot
detection functions, making it easy to perform accurate blood pressure measurement tailored to each person.

A person who measures blood pressure daily for the treatment of hypertension and health management Target designer Comments We were able to create a number of models and realize a movable armband that suits the human factors of various people.

A completely new sphygmomanometer for UD that promotes a correct posture achieved through collaboration among planning, technology, sales, and design

There is a relationship between the series of actions such as preparation, mounting, and measurement, and coloring.

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