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Target: Men's
Set contents: Body, box, instruction manual, warranty card included
Reinforced waterproof for everyday life: 5BAR
Allergy resistance confirmation: Nickel allergy resistant products (Display by manufacturer
Please check the product body before use
Country of origin: Japan
Eco-Drive Radio Clock
Caliber: H149
Accuracy: ± 15 seconds / month (when not receiving)
Photovoltaic generation: 2 years
Function: Power save, perpetual calendar, Japan, China, Europe and Europe
Waterproofing performance: 5 standard atmosphere waterproofing
Case: Super Titanium
Surface treatment: white plating
Glass: Spherical sapphire glass (99% clarity coating)
Band: (point) spring bar type, (stop) three-fold push type, (a) split pipe type
Additional specifications: Nickel-resistant, anti-magnetic type 1, Duratek PTIC

Brand description: Valuable encounters shine
Create unique value with solid quality and sophisticated design
Citizen Exceed is a watch suitable for adults who want to be "real".
The encounter with Exceed will surely be a new shine that colors life
[Thin pair watch for global radio waves
・ A thin and elegant pair of global radio wave-ready watches that look like EXCEED
・ By creating a rounded shape, it is finished in an elegant and friendly design.
・ We adopt thin, flexible titanium band designed carefully
-The dial has been combined with Roman numerals and bar indexes to achieve an elegant design while ensuring visibility.
-The case and band are made with deyuratekuto protect the watch's original brightness and beauty of finish.
・ High visibility by applying 99% clarity coating to sapphire glass
Excellent durability and antifouling properties
・ Nickel-resistant allergy product for metal allergy

Model Number: CB1080-52A






★★★★★ Everything is the best
投稿日 : 2019年10月22日 星期二

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Everything is the best
Lightness, appearance and size are all perfect. There is more satisfaction than the price.

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★★★★★ Very satisfied
投稿日 : 2019年10月17日 星期四

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Very satisfied
First of all, there are no parts that I don't like. I bought it with my wife as a pair, but I love the design, features and usability. I am looking forward to traveling because radio reception is also compatible with Europe.

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★★★★★ The best
投稿日 : 2019年8月22日 星期四

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The best
It was the best watch. Citizen is the best in Japan

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★★★★★ Radio, solar, lightweight, appearance, supreme watch
投稿日 : 2019年5月7日 星期二

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Radio, solar, lightweight, appearance, supreme watch
I used about half the price of this CITIZEN watch for about 7 years and now I am active without trouble, so it has performance and reliability, I wanted an Exceed that was high at that time and I was looking for this photo while I was looking for Indulge yourself at first sight! When it arrives and looks at the actual product, it is super light and the belt is high-quality and looks cool, but the face is titanium on the monitor but the actual one is close to white. (It may be too light for some people and feel like a toy.) I think it's the best watch in my life, so I don't buy any more watches. The reason for star 4 is that only this model in this series has fewer points (˘ ・ з ・ ˘) CITIZEN watches are cool and great because they are the best!

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★★★★★ I thought it was Pachi.
投稿日 : 2019年4月19日 星期五

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I thought it was Pachi.
First impression The dial is small enough to think that it is ladies. Looking at the specifications, it is 38 mm. The actual size is 38 mm. 38mm feels small. 2. Too light. 3. Too much. Because I used a tag aqua racer (heavy and big), 1.2.3. I felt (I thought it was a pachimon) The light and messy is the specification because it seems to be light and supple because it is made of titanium when looking at the homepage. It was unexpected that the dial was smaller than the image. The price range is the same as ORIS's big crown, but I was worried a lot. I used to own an American (?) Watch called Elgin, which was practical, but messy. I remembered that. It looks more tidy than a photo. The character of EXCEED is not clearly seen from the photograph. I am sorry that I have purchased EXCEED, but I cannot show my brand. I'll use it now, but if you like it and it's more practical and you like to have more domestic brand power than Atessa. I expect it to become a masterpiece as long as I see Citizen on the homepage when the taste comes out enough to use it. Addendum) Goodness came out when I used it. Light, precise, and perpetual are good. Now it is a favorite and can not be separated.

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