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Target: Men's
Set contents: Body, box, instruction manual, warranty card included
Reinforced waterproof for everyday life: 5BAR
Allergy resistance check: Nickel allergy resistant products (Display by manufacturer. Please check the product body before use.)
Country of origin: Japan
Accuracy: ± 5 seconds / month (when not receiving), photovoltaic power generation: 7 years (when power save is activated), functions: perpetual calendar, satellite radio wave reception function, location information acquisition function, light level indicator, waterproof performance: 5 ATM water resistant , Glass: Dual spherical sapphire glass (99% clarity coating), Case: Super Titanium, Band: Super Titanium, Additional specifications: Nickel resistance, 1 type of magnetic resistance, night light (needle + index), limited model 800 Citizen Exceed, a dress watch for adults based on sophisticated quality and sophisticated design.・ A cross-brand project to support the Japanese national rugby team. -Citizen original cherry blossom color symbolized by the heroes of cherry blossoms. -Citizen's original Duratekto Sakura Pink is used for the case band. While emphasizing the exquisite charm of Exceed, it enhanced the affinity with the Japanese rugby emblem “Sakura” and the team ’s nickname “BRAVE BLOSSOMS” to create a special feeling.・ The elegant ring-back ring uses red, the representative color of Japan's uniform. -Engraved cherry emblem on the back cover. I was particular about every detail.
Model Number: CC3056-68E






★★★★★ Titanium watch with sheep leather
投稿日 : 2019年8月10日 星期六

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Titanium watch with sheep leather
Purchased elsewhere. Actually I was looking at Zashichi, but by chance I saw the real thing, and a titanium bezel whose surface was nitrided with a gold alloy called `` Sakura '' color, and if you look closely, a stripe like a rugby ball I was attracted by the contrast of the black dial with irregular shapes and bought it at first sight. "Sakura" is a bit of a stubbornness, but this was certainly the name of "Sunrise" when it was first published in the 100th anniversary model of Citizen. Because this color is really beautiful, it's okay. I really like it. Although it is a person with a large number of 800 as a limitation, it seems that maybe the Japanese national rugby team won so much and did not assume that the World Cup relay would increase the number, and the serial number was on the back cover properly It is stamped, and there is a satisfaction to own rarely for Exceed. The three-needle caliber F150 has a very stable performance and supply volume as a GPS movement, and boasts excellent compatibility with the world's best solar power eco drive. However, it's not like Exceed, but a dress version of Atessa. Since it is chipped, it is difficult to repair if it breaks down, but this type of Citizen quartz has never experienced a failure that seems to be too much trouble, and it is stable enough not to worry even without parfex I'm waiting. Of course, there is no robust system like G-SHOCK, but due to the surface treatment of titanium, it can be said that it is the highest durability as a dress watch. As a luxury watch, Citizen's brand power is weak, but as a hidden JAPAN-made gem, there seems to be something in common with Rugby Japan's representative Brave Blossoms, which is highly appreciated.

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★★★★★ Cherry blossom
投稿日 : 2019年1月12日 星期六

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Cherry blossom
The cherry blossom color was good with a calmer shade than I expected.

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